Sunday, May 13, 2012


There is a concurs on from Guess to take some pictures wearing their garments . I decided to participate because I have a lot of Guess's products. In this outfit I'm wearing the Guess jean' jacket and their snake print sandals. 
I love the sandals because they are so comfortable and pretty, but I have a hard time to put them on :D After having the baby the majority of my shoes doesn't fit anymore, so I sent a lot of them to my sister, but I couldn't make myself to send these ones :D
The jean' jacket is my favorite too. I've been looking for a long time for the perfect one and I got lucky when there was a sale on When I was in Moldova my mom bought me a jean' jacket but I didn't like it and gave it to my sister to wear. I was ok with that until we discovered that it is a DKNY and I immediately wanted it back :D We had so many fights over the clothes:D And no, I didn't take the jacket back, it is still in my sister's wardrobe.
P.S. We finally got to have two days of beautiful weather, so I'm heading to the beach. Enjoy!