Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Going black

Hi Lovelies,
I haven't been in the mood lately and it projects directly on what I'm wearing. So black is my comfort zone. I think everybody has the "bad " day when you just go out in the sweatpants and your hair pulled in a bun, high on your head and you just don't care how you look. Back in Europe people are always dressed up. ALWAYS. It's a little stressful, don't lough. A lot of europeans are coming here on vacation, and you can tell from the distance that he/she is not a local. When I moved to US I kinda relaxed and liked wearing the Uggs and the Abercrombie & Fitch clothes. It didn't last long thou because teenagers started hitting on my 21 year old mature self :D (just kidding) 
 I love the freedom of style choice you can have here and nobody will judge you...well,almost nobody. I have something to say America!!
 1. Stop wearing those awful khaki pants. You'll never see/find them anywhere else in the world. And dear men, try a few sizes smaller and you'll notice more ladies (or whoever you prefer) looks on you. 
2. Leave your training shoes home. I've never seen so many people wearing sneakers as here in the states. If you dont believe me just count how many you see on yor way to you office/home/mall. Usually you'll see them acompanied by a beautiful pair of white socks. 
3. The last but not least the pj pants. Maybe you try to tell us by wearing them outside your house that you are a free spirit and don't care but all we think is that you are a lazy ass and not a very neat person (imagine all the dirt that goes back into your bed...brrrr)!!! 
 That's it for today. Enjoy! 

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