Monday, October 15, 2012

Oh, Stella

Hi Loves,
 Today I'm presenting a very simple outfit because I wanted to accentuate my new vest. It is a Stella McCartney and I love it. I like it's minimalistic look and the unusual cut at the bottom. What do you think? Do you like it?
I also want to talk about "follow me, and I'll follow you back" people. It is very annoying. I wasn't paying much attention until the previous post with the BB collection. People had commented how much they like my hair and so on. If they just took the time and have read the two sentences I wrote they would know that it's not me.
Dear bloggers I want you to follow me just in that case when you like my blog and my style. I didn't start this blog for the sake of numbers. I always, ALWAYS check the blogs of those who leave a comment. If I like it, I follow it. I'm always in search of a great new blog.  So please, don't ever ask me to follow you in order to get a new follower.

P.S I always look sleepy without makeup, my eyes won't open wider :)

Stella McCartney vest
Jessica Simpson heels
Liz Claiborne bag