Saturday, December 15, 2012


Hi Loves,
This is going to be the last post from Miami. We spent there 7days, but it was so good, that I didn't really think of blogging. 
It was my second time in Miami, but my impressions are completely different. It is amazing how the climate changes the behavior of people. I never saw a person in a rush there, everybody is driving UNDER the speed limit!!! I couldn't believe my eyes:). While waiting in the line to pay for the products, at a supermarket, my boy almost lost his patience - the cashier was moving sooo slow. It was very nerve-wracking for us, but on the other hand, why rush? Time flies so fast, isn't it better to enjoy every minute? 

H&M pajama shorts
Cynthia Rowley bag
Lucky Brand flats
Zara necklace
Ralph Lauren shades