Sunday, February 17, 2013


jeans/american eagle; pumps/BCBG; shirt/Red Tulips; blazer/Averly;necklace/my store(soon)
Hi Girls & Boys,
I absolutely love the jeans on jeans trend and I'm using it a lot in my day to day outfits. Some time ago a realized that I have way too many pairs of jeans and the sad part is that almost all look the same. This particular pair is one of my favorites, they are loose, ripped and low rise - just perfect. I think , I don't need to add that they are not the boy's favorites. When my boy saw me in them , he asked if I know that  the jeans are large on me. Duh!!!! That's why I bought them. I never really cared what people think of my outfit as long as i love it. Many times I was the talk of the town, like when I was 15 and went to the club (in my country nobody really cares how old are you), in a pair of hand-drown and bleached jeans. Of course I got negative feedbacks, but I didn't pass unnoticed.
P.S. Happy birthday to my dear mother!!!