Saturday, April 13, 2013


DKNY/sweater; H&M/dress; BCBG/sole pumps; Tezory/jewelry
Hi Guys,
Did you see on TV that new Feria Ombre Effect hair Color ? So, I bought it and TRIED to obtain the same effect on my hair. Do I need to tell you that I didn't get anything closer to it? Well, to be fair, the right side kinda has the Ombre look, but by the time I got to the left side, I was tired already... You get the point. 
My other mistake is that I left it on my hair for 45 min, If you don't want a drastic difference between the colors, 25 min is enough. So, until my salon appointment is up, I brush all my hair to the right side (a.k.a. the good side). Luckily this style is a huge trend right now, don't you think? Rihanna is rocking it like no one else.