Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Art of Layering

Hi Girls & Boys, 
Growing up, my mom would bundle up us in such a way, during winter, that me and my sister could barely move. It didn't look very pretty, but I guess that my mom didn't care about it very much as long as she knew that we are going to be warm. Imagine how we looked - combine the fashion of the 90's and the chaos of a freshly collapsed Soviet Union - quite a terrible picture ... I'm kidding, we had very nice clothes, my mom was quite a fashionista. 
So why am I telling you this? It's because even now, being a grown up, it is hard for me not to transform myself in a human cocoon during winter. Even my daughter is the most swaddled up kid at the child care. 
Slowly but steady I teach myself the art of layering. All I need to do is throw on myself a bunch of clothes that miraculously go together and as a result make me look stylish and, what's most important, on trend. Not just it looks good, it is also very practical. If you have to be in a warm place you don't have to sweat like a beast, all you need is to "pill off" a few layers, and voila - you still look stylish. 
What about you, are you layering yet?

 H&M coat (similar)
Stella McCartney pumps (similar)
American Eagle boyfriend jeans (similar)
Guess blouse (similar)
Calvin Klein hat (similar)