Thursday, May 24, 2012

Black and Golden

We woke up to such a nice weather that we went to the beach first thing in the morning. As we were enjoying the sun I saw a huge cloud at the horizon coming at us very fast. In 10 minutes we couldn't see the ocean that was 50 feet away from us, the fog was so dense.  It was kinda scary, because I've never witnessed before such a strange phenomenon. It felt like a scene from the "The Mist" movie :D. 
Anyway we got a little sun during the shooting. I tried a completely new style for me. The outfit is very ladylike and sexy at the same time.  I got all these feminine forms lately so it is fun for me to try new styles. I hope you like. Enjoy!

American Apparel bodysuit
Expressions NYC clutch
Jessica Simpson shoes 
Ralph Lauren sunglasses