Monday, June 4, 2012

Flowers all over

So last night our neighbor woke us up because the tide was so high (i live on the beach) that the water was in our parking lot already.
My nightmares were becoming real!!! Since I moved here I have had bad dreams about tsunamis and other kinds of natural disasters:D. My worries weren't for nothing because we "survived" Irene, a big fire, several hurricanes and of course floods. Thankfully the water raised just a little but it didn't stop me having some weird dreams about water coming and me not knowing how to swim (no laughing please)!
Well I knew that we are going to have five days of ugly ass weather so I shot two outfits in the same day. I love this dress because it hides everything you want to hide. The secret is the print on it. So if you are unsatisfied with your waist area a busy print on your shirt, dress or whatever will cover it.

HM dress 
Forever 21 vest
Guess shoes