Friday, June 22, 2012

Heat wave

Hi Lovelies,
I think you are tired of hearing my nagging about the weather. Well, now I'm happy...almost:D. It is hot, the way I like it, but the humidity makes it insupportable. After 10 min being outside I feel sticky and dirty and my only thought is to take a shower as soon as possible. So yesterday we decided to go to the lake so we can stay in water as long as we want. It sounds kinda crazy to live on the beach but to leave it for the lake, but it's more crazy to swim in the freezing waters of the ocean. Just true newenglanders can handle it and also some crazy Canadians:D. So anyway, we went to the lake and it was amazing!!! My baby was ecstatic and so do we by watching her.
These pictures are taken in front of my neighbor's house. She's crazy about flowers and I have a beautiful view when I wake up. I told you before that I'm highly non photogenic so I decided to stop trying and just be silly. Enjoy!
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