Sunday, October 7, 2012


Memento : Something that serves to warn or remind; also : souvenir. 

Hi Loves, 
After a week of rain, we've got sun finally, and I was quick to take advantage of it. My last purchase are these Anna Sui over the knee socks. I wanted a pair for a long time, but for some reason I didn't buy any. 
I never think in advance what I am going to wear for the shoot. Well, not the whole outfit. Usually I have in mind one piece, and the rest comes naturally.  I thought that wearing heels with these kind of socks will look too provocative, but it turned out pretty decent. Although I got a long approving whistle from a neighbor :).
I also decided to name my posts with words of the day, that nothing have to do with the outfits, but will improve my english and maybe my readers' also.
Have a wonderful week everybody.

H&M blazer
Calvin Klein heels
Forever 21 dress 
Anna Sui socks
Ralph Lauren shades