Sunday, November 25, 2012

FIRMOO eyeglasses

 Hi Loves,
Some time ago the nice people from the Firmoo company contacted me in order to chose a free pair of eyeglasses of my desire. I was very happy to hear from them, because I was planning to buy a new pair for a while, but never really got to it. 
While looking for the perfect pair of glasses all I knew is that they must be dorky. What's more fashionable than unfashionable things? Right :) So I knew right away that I found the ONE when I laid my eyes on these round shaped pair. Aren't they great? Well, at least, I think they are. 
Do you want to hear something even greater? YOU can also get your own pair, for FREE. Firmoo has a new program, offering free eye wear for first-time buyers. You just need to pay for the shipping. Such an amazing deal, especially when Christmas is so close and gift ideas are running out.